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Privacy statement

All your personal data will be handled by us with the utmost care. The information you supply will be stored in our database and will only be used to improve our service to you and send you information if you choose to receive that.

Under no circumstances will we supply your personal details to any third party.

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Existing users

If you've registered another product with us before, your name will probably be known in our database. When you first entered your details, our computer has assigned a username and password to you. From March 2009 onwards, the username and password will automatically be sent to you in a confirmation e-mail as soon as you've completed your registration.

If you registered before that date, or if you've forgotten your password, you may ask for it to be resent. To do so, click the appropriate link below. An e-mail will then be sent to the e-mail address you used when registering your product.

If the e-mail address is no longer in use, or if all else fails, you may contact us directly at enigma-e@xat.nl. Please supply as much information as possible about yourself and your product(s) to assist us in finding your details.

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